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Price List

The following is a guide; you will be provided with an itemised and personalised estimate of your treatment costs after consultation with your dentist. Your written quote will be valid for six months.

New Patient Consultation: £51.00

Oral Health Examination: £42.00

Scale & Polish: £49.50

Small X-ray: £14.00

Large X-ray: £45.00

Silver fillings from: £86.00

White Fillings from: £98.00

Extractions from: £112.00

Crowns from: £538.00

Bridges per unit: £453.00

Practice plan:

For a regular payment of £14.75 you can secure regular Examinations and Hygiene visits. For further information on our Practice Plan please contact our reception team. 

Examination: £30.00 (This includes 2 small x-rays)

Emergency Appoinment: £30.00 

Additional X-Rays: £14.00

Panoral X-Ray: £45.00

Scale & Polish: £49.50

Fillings: (Front teeth white fillings/back teeth Amalgam fillings)

1st Filling: £61.00

Subsequent Fillings: £40.00 (each) in the same course of treatment.

Extractions: £61.00

Subsequent Extractions: £40.00 (each) in the same course of treatment.

Surgical Extractions: £103.00

Porcelain Crown (front tooth): £410.00

Full Metal Crown (on back teeth): £385.00

Acrylic Denture (partial): £410.00

Full Upper or Lower Denture: £410.00

Full/Full Dentures: £695.00

Denture Reline: £93.00

Denture Soft Reline: £93.00

Add Tooth to Denture: £93.00

Basic Denture Repair: £75.00

Root Filling: £310.00

Molar Root Filling: £499.00

Market Street Essentials is NOT part of our NHS Services.

Band 1 Course of treatment = £22.70

Band 2 Course of treatment = £62.10

Band 3 Course of treatment = £269.30


Please call us on 01530 415353 to listen to the arrangements for that day. Our registered private patients can use our private out-of-hours service. Members of Practice Plan can claim back the cost of emergency care (minus an excess of only £25).

Market Street Dental Practice
81 Market Street
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 1AH
Tel: 01530 415353

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In the case of an emergency, please call 01530 415 353 and listen for details of the out-of-hours arrangements for that day.